How Do Alarm System Motion Sensors Work?

Motion detectors are an invaluable part of any custom home security system, but few people outside the industry understand how they work. Don’t worry, we’re not giving away any tips here that could help burglars, just providing you a basic understanding of how motion sensors function. There are two basic types of motion detectors… Active […]

Do Burglars Avoid Homes with Security Systems?

In a word, yes. How do we know? We’ve seen it firsthand – and research backs it up. Multiple studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of home security systems for deterring burglars, and they consistently report burglars go to great lengths to avoid homes with alarm systems. The Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice […]

5 Home Security Mistakes Most People Make

Protecting our homes and families is our number one job, yet too often people make silly, or forgetful mistakes that put those things at risk. Effective home security requires attention to detail, and sometimes, sacrificing convenience for security. Here are a few common slip-ups that could lead to burglars stealing your property – and peace […]

Common Ways Burglars Get Inside a Home

Household burglaries are never as elaborate as Oceans 11 and rarely committed by criminal masterminds. Homes generally have a handful of vulnerabilities burglars attack to get inside. In fact, breaking into most homes is much easier than you think, especially for a pro. Here’s how it’s usually done… Right Through the Front Door Even if […]