How Monitored Home Fire Alarm Service Works

Deterring burglars is just one facet of comprehensive home security – our families face a number of environmental threats as well, including fire, smoke and carbon monoxide in the home. Just like criminal activity, you can never predict when a home emergency like a fire will impact your family. That’s why it pays to enhance […]

Exploring the Components of a Home Security System

At their core, modern home security systems are pretty easy to operate, yet they’re more advanced than ever before. Homeowners can take advantage of new technologies that greatly increase security, like motion sensors, surveillance cameras and automated home control through your smartphone. Scott Alarm offers homeowners incredible flexibility in home security. As you consider monitored […]

How to Arm Your Security System: Away and Stay Modes

Some homeowners worry a custom home security system may be too complicated or a hassle to operate. On the contrary, monitored home security systems utilize two simple modes to keep your home and family safe: Away and Stay. So what’s the difference? Arming Away Mode People install security systems primarily to safeguard their houses when […]

Jacksonville Safety Resources

Crime prevention and preparedness require a community effort. Luckily, many local and state organizations provide valuable resources to report crimes, respond to emergencies and stay safe. Stay informed and prepare for emergencies with our list of Jacksonville public safety resources. First Coast Crime Stoppers – First Coast Crime Stoppers is a civilian organization, encouraging Jacksonville […]

Preventing Holiday False Alarms

The holiday season is a wonderful time to reunite with family and friends, but a housefull of guests unfamiliar with your home security system could lead to false alarms. Add to that the likelihood that you’ll be out of town for parts of the season, and the potential for unexpected alarm activity goes up exponentially. […]