Protecting Your Garage from Burglars

Many people overlook one of criminals’ favorite entry points when considering home security. Sure, your front and back doors are locked, and windows secured, but is your garage equally equipped? Garages are a prime entry point for burglars. Ignoring your garage leaves a big hole in your home security. A sturdy garage door may seem […]

Protecting Kids in the Neighborhood

Keeping your kids safe is a full-time job no matter the neighborhood you live in. There are plenty of obvious and unseen dangers your kids could face. Teaching them how to react to these dangers can help keep them safe. Neighborhood Safety Tips When your kids are out and about in the neighborhood, they’ll need […]

Looking into Your Neighborhood’s Safety

In many ways, your neighborhood is an extension of your home. It’s where you stroll along the sidewalk, splash around in the community pool and play outside with your kids. That means you should consider the safety of your neighborhood just as important as the security of your home. So, how can you be sure […]

Home Security For Parents with Summer Latchkey Kids

With summer break right around the corner, it’s important for families to consider how their security needs will be impacted by changes in children’s schedules. Once school lets out in early June, parents often have many new things to worry about: your kid’s whereabouts during the day, their safety within the home and avoiding false […]

5 Home Security Tips for New Homeowners in Jacksonville

  Buying and moving into your first house is an exciting time. With so much to do quickly, you may not be considering long-term concerns. But don’t forget to take these important steps to ensure your family will be safe in your new home. 1: Look into local crime info Even the best Jacksonville neighborhoods […]