Upgrading Your TruVision Camera App

With every app on your phone, there comes a time when a required upgrade needs your attention.  If you use the TruVision app to access your cameras from Scott Alarm, then it is time to upgrade your app, in order to ensure your mobile access to your cameras. If you receive push notifications in the […]

Picking an Alarm Code to Keep Burglars Away

Like most things in life, your home security system is only as strong as its weakest link. Too often, that weakness is found in the homeowner’s choice of alarm code, the number you enter on the keypad in order to arm or disarm the system. Most alarm control panel codes are four digits, translating to […]

5 Home Security Tips Every Single Mom Should Know

For most parents, providing your children a secure home is priority one. That challenge is greater for single parents, particularly single mothers, who may feel vulnerable without additional support to guard against intruders. There are, however, home security best practices you can use to keep your family safe. Here are five simple home security steps […]

Homeowners Targeted By Home Security Sales Scammers

Many homeowners take precautions against criminals and break-ins by installing home security systems. Not every crook comes creeping in through the night, however. Some scammers may walk right up to the door and knock. How can you spot a home security sales scam and what should you do if you encounter one? One type of […]

Do Gated Communities Have Less Crime?

Many residents of gated communities cite worries about security and crime as one of the top reasons for their choice of residence. And, on the surface, living in a gated community may appear safer. You need a code, a key or have to check in with a gate attendant to enter the neighborhood. But does […]