The Key to a Pet-Friendly Home Security System


Some pet owners shy away from having a home security system installed because they worry their beloved pets could accidentally trigger motion detectors, leading to false alarms. Never fear, animal lovers: pets and home security systems can indeed coexist.

First, it’s important to understand how motion detectors keep your home (and your pets) safe.

Motion sensors are vital components of an effective home security system. If an intruder makes his way inside, motion detectors are often the last line of defense. When someone – or something – passes by an armed motion sensor, it sends a signal to your security system’s control panel, triggering the alarm, sounding the siren and alerting our monitoring center to dispatch police.

So, how do you ensure you dog or cat won’t trigger the system?

The key is working with a professional security system consultant to talk through your options. Generally, you have a few choices to consider.

One option is isolating your pets to areas of the home not covered by motion sensors. Pet gates are a common solution, but keeping animals in just one part of the house is easier said than done. They can be crafty, after all.

Most families have better luck strategically aiming sensors so they don’t detect movement below a certain level, allowing Rover and Fluffy to roam free. An experienced installer can set this up correctly for you.

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You might be wondering, “Well, won’t that allow an intruder to simply crawl across the floor to avoid the motion detectors?” They could, in theory, but that’s assuming they know you have motion detectors and where they’re installed. It won’t be a very effective burglary if the crook spends the whole time sliding across the floor on his belly.

Even without carefully avoiding the floor, some home security motion detectors are designed to ignore small- and medium-sized pets, requiring a certain amount of mass to trigger the detector.

So, pets and home security can go hand-in-hand, er, paw. It just takes working with a company that can customize a system to your family’s needs. At Scott Alarm, we’ve been installing custom home security systems in Jacksonville for nearly 50 years.

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