Safety Tips for the Holiday Season


With many families on the road visiting friends and family during the holidays, crooks are more tempted to break into homes. And nothing puts a damper on the holiday spirit quite like coming home and finding out you are the victim of a break in.

Want to keep grinches at bay? Use these tips to keep your home and family protected during the holiday season.

Get to Know Your Mailman

Mail and package deliveries increase during the holiday season, meaning more frequent visits from your friendly neighborhood delivery person. Unfortunately, some crooks try to take advantage of the influx of deliveries and may pose as a delivery person in order to get you to open the door and gain access to your home. Always look for their delivery truck or ask for ID before opening the door.

Don’t Advertise

Crooks like an easy target, so don’t make your home one. Keep presents out of view from windows. Criminals may find it tempting to do a quick smash-and-grab when presents are easily visible. If you’re away from home for the holidays, don’t draw attention to your home being unoccupied. Put a hold on your mail or ask a trusted neighbor to grab your mail for you. Keeping your holiday lights on 24/7 is another dead giveaway a home is unoccupied. Home automation lets you turn your lights on and off right from your smartphone. You can even create a schedule for your lights so you don’t have to worry about your home looking unoccupied while you are out of town. Also, be wary of posting your holiday travel photos or location to social media. This is another indicator your home is left unattended.

Keep Your Holiday List Hidden

After you open all the presents, don’t leave the boxes from your brand new TV, gaming system, laptop, etc. out on trash day. For crooks, this is essentially a list of all the expensive items you have in your home for them to steal. Either break down the boxes to conceal them better or take them to the recycling center yourself.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

This one may seem obvious, but it’s too often overlooked. It only takes a few seconds to become the victim of a break-in, so be be sure to always keep your home secured. Before taking a walk, hitting the mall or heading out of town, it’s well worth it to take a few minutes to lock your doors and windows. If you haven’t already, install a professionally monitored home security system to protect your home 24/7. And remember to arm your security system before heading out the door.

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