Reinforcing Sliding Glass Doors Against Burglars


While you enjoy the view through your sliding glass doors, they also provide a tempting opportunity for burglars. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice the incoming sunshine to keep your home secure, you just have to take some practical steps to reinforce your sliding glass doors for home security.

Vulnerabilities of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are often the most vulnerable entry point of any home. Reliance on latches versus locks make them desirable entry points for burglars. Even with a great latch, amateur burglars just lift the sliding door out of the track, making the latch irrelevant, and providing a quiet entry into the home. Or, if they’re in a hurry, burglars may just throw a brick through the glass and stroll in.

So, how do you reinforce your sliding glass doors to deter burglars?

Blocking Bars are the First Step

Burglars easily overcome standard factory-installed sliding door latches. Your next best line of defense is preventing them from sliding the door open. A simple wood or metal dowel laid in the door track can do the trick. Make sure the bar is long enough to prevent a would-be burglar from making entry or inserting a tool to remove the bar. “Charlie bars” are another means of accomplishing the same thing. Waist level placement provides added convenience.

Pins Add Extra Security

Installing a hardened steel pin through the sliding door frame and the stationary door frame creates a unified front. By leveraging the combined strength of these two structures, it’s less likely a burglar can simply lift one of the doors off the track. The installation process is fairly easy, but if you’re not especially handy, be sure to find and follow instructions from an expert.

Shatterproof Your Door

The delicate essence of glass, combined with the floor-level, walk-through nature of sliding doors makes it incredibly tempting for burglars to smash this entry point. Stop them in their tracks by applying shatterproof film to your sliding glass doors. Bonus: shatterproof film can also protect your home from flying debris during a hurricane.

Protect Your Home with a Security System

Even the best-prepped sliding glass door is susceptible to break-in. Real home defense requires a monitored home security system. With a professionally installed home alarm system, you can include options like glass break monitors to truly protect your home and family from break-ins through sliding glass doors.

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