Protecting Your Backyard from Burglars


Many homeowners are focused on home security, yet overlook their backyards when it comes to keeping their home safe. Backyards are attractive targets for burglars, both for items in the yard itself and for the cover it provides to break into the house. Follow these tips to help burglar-proof your backyard.

Physical Security

Privacy fences are dual-edged swords. While they can provide a barricade to prevent burglars from entering your yard, a fence also obscures a burglar’s activity from neighbors’ view once they’re in. If you have a privacy fence, be sure to always keep it locked, not just latched. A good padlock is inexpensive, but extremely valuable. Burglars can certainly scale most residential fences, though that is more likely to draw attention. Always keep lawn equipment and other valuables locked away in a shed or storage area. Loose items and machinery are attractive targets – or even tools to enter your home.

Exterior Lights

Burglars prefer operating in the dark, so don’t give them that chance. Motion-detecting outdoor lights often catch burglars by surprise and can even be enough to chase off most crooks. Aim sensors to cover walkways, doors, fence gates and corners of your home, as well as any sheds or outparcels. If your lights are solar-powered, be sure they get enough sunlight during the day to work consistently at night. If they’re battery-powered, check batteries every few months to ensure your lights function when you need them.

Security Cameras

The mere presence of security cameras can be enough to deter most burglars. Researchers at University of North Carolina at Charlotte surveyed 400 convicted burglars. 60% said the presence of home surveillance cameras was a major consideration when selecting a target. Cameras should be visible, but not easily accessible. Have them installed out-of-reach. You may even consider surrounding them with chicken wire for added security. If a burglar does enter your property, video footage provides excellent evidence to catch and prosecute the criminal.

Yard Signs

If you have a home security system, put would-be burglars on notice with “protected by” yard signs and window stickers. Your home security company should include these as part of your standard security package. At Scott Alarm, our complete home security package includes yard signs, window stickers, door and window sensors, motion detector, control panel, siren and more.

Don’t let burglars steal your peace of mind. Contact Scott Alarm in Jacksonville today for a free custom home security consultation.