Not-So-Secret Hiding Spots Burglars Always Check


No one wants their valuables out in the open, so many people stash valuables in sneaky places around the house. However, there are only so many “sneaky” places in your home, and burglars make their living taking advantage of the most common hiding spots. Stowing your possessions in these spaces could lead to a false sense of security.

Under the Welcome Mat

Let’s start outside your home. Sometimes we all need a spare key to the house, but thousands of homes are burglarized each year because a spare key under the welcome mat let them right in the front door. Burglars know all the tricks: by the planter, under a fake rock, in the birdhouse. The safest place to leave a spare key is in a locked key box or with a neighbor.

Sock Drawer

Hiding valuables here is just like handing them over to a burglar. People often choose the sock drawer because it’s convenient to access your valuables when you need them. Guess what? It’s convenient for burglars, too.

Under the Mattress

The old cash-under-the-mattress trick. Unfortunately, burglars watch movies, too. A quick flip of the mattress is the first chapter in the burglar’s playbook. You’ll have a hard time sleeping at night after you come home to find this haven emptied.


You meticulously freeze your unused credit cards in a block of ice, wrap them in a foil pouch labeled “pork chops” and stash it under year old ice cream, figuring, “Who would ever look in here?” Truth is, burglars often empty out victims’ whole freezers for just this reason.

Junior’s Room

Kids’ bedrooms today often have more coveted electronics than the rest of the house combined – video games, tablets, TVs, music players, you name it, making them key stops on a burglar’s rounds. So, if you think hiding valuables on their closet shelves is a good idea, think again.


People love hiding cash in the pages of their favorite books. Burglars are rarely big readers, but they will gladly open every book on the shelf in hopes a few greenbacks lie within. Better yet, they just knock them all to the ground and let gravity do the work for them.

Clothes Hamper

You may think your valuables are safe under a pile of dirty clothes, but a few sweaty socks won’t stand in the way of a burglar. A quick flip upside down, and all your most prized possessions come tumbling out, ripe for the taking.

Your Best Defense

Burglars know most common hiding spots, but they also know not to mess with certain homes. The best thing you can do to protect your valuables is having a custom home security system installed. Scott Alarm is Jacksonville’s trusted choice for state-of-the-art home security systems. We’re here to provide peace of mind, knowing your home’s alarm system is monitored by professionals 24/7.

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