Jacksonville’s Safest Neighborhoods


Scott Alarm has proudly served as Jacksonville’s home security leader for nearly 50 years, shielding thousands of Jacksonville families from crime and property theft. Though we love our home in North Florida, we know the threats Jacksonville families face – it’s why we work so hard to keep our neighbors safe.

If you’re moving to Jacksonville or a current resident looking to move to a new home, the safety of your family is almost certainly foremost in your mind. As one of Florida’s top cities, Jacksonville does have its share of crime, but it also has plenty of safe, well-regarded neighborhoods to raise a family. Here are a few of Jacksonville’s top-rated communities to consider.


Nestled right along the St. John’s River on the south side of town, Mandarin provides more than a lovely view and relaxing breezes. It’s one of the most family friendly neighborhoods in Jacksonville, with a diverse community, excellent schools and a crime rate 60% lower than the area average. About 20 miles from downtown, Mandarin is a lovely option for families looking to escape the hustle of the city. Though real estate prices are higher than many areas in town, you’ll be joining a welcoming, friendly neighborhood.


Many people will incorrectly say that the west side of the town is less safe than the east bank of the river, and Ortega proves that there are safe communities anywhere you’d like to live in Jacksonville. Located south of beautiful shopping areas like Riverside, Ortega is an appealing choice for growing families.

Gately Road

It’s no surprise that riverfront neighborhoods are among the top-rated communities in Jacksonville, but there are plenty of great communities throughout Duval County – notably, Gately Road and Broken Bow Drive. Located on the eastside between the river and scenic beaches, Gately Road delivers a secluded haven with a mix of executive and professional families, along with a number of graduate students. Though property crimes in the neighborhood are lower than more than 60% of neighborhoods, Gately Road is bordered by the less-safe Fort Caroline Hills area, showing that no matter how safe your neighborhood, it’s always a smart decision to secure your home with a monitored home security system.


Residents looking for riverfront property at lower prices and greater safety than historic Riverside should look no further than the neighborhood to the south: Avondale. Primarily offering small-to-medium-sized homes and apartments, Avondale is a perfect location for new families. With two Navy bases and a hospital, Jacksonville has a large military community, and Avondale is a hub for Navy families. With rents lower than 59% of Florida neighborhoods, tons of amenities and great schools, Avondale blends affordability, livability and safety for a great community.


Though its history reaches back to the 1800s, Bayard boasts some of Jacksonville’s newest home construction. Built primarily since 2000, Bayard stands out among the many historic communities on this list. Located in the southeast corner of Duval County, residents are far-removed from the bustle of the city, surrounded by quaint shopping and rural homes. Though high home prices and median incomes make it a high-end community, it’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

Although many of these neighborhoods may be out of some families’ price range, the truth is you don’t need to live in an exclusive or high-end community to guard your family from crime. Jacksonville boasts dozens of beautiful, safe communities, but even the safest neighborhoods are occasionally troubled by break-ins.

It’s why Scott Alarm is proud to serve as a trusted partner for local home security, with affordable monitored home security packages. Staffed by local technicians and backed by an award-winning 24/7 monitoring center, you can rest easy knowing that we’re here when you need us most.

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Crime data in this piece was compiled from neighborhoodscout.com and areavibes.com.