Important Questions to Ask Your Homebuilder About Home Security


Buying a new-construction home requires plenty of forethought and consideration. Homebuyers need to worry about affordability, local schools, design details and countless other tiny decisions during construction. Each of these decisions brings you closer to your dream home, but it’s also important to consider how your homebuilder can prepare you for the daily use of your home through home security and entertainment.

Luckily, modern homebuilders know that buyers value custom solutions, and they’re willing to work with you to build the perfect home. When you’re considering your family’s security, here are a few vital questions to ask your contractor…

Is the Home Pre-Wired for an Alarm?

Jacksonville’s top builders rely on companies like Scott Alarm to integrate home security from the beginning of construction through pre-wiring the home for specific electronics. New homes are meticulously planned, and homebuilders often pre-wire new houses to support things like custom home security systems and home entertainment solutions. While it’s still easy for Scott Alarm to install a home alarm system after you move in, having your home pre-wired for an alarm gives you much greater freedom to install new technologies in your home.

Can We Install Home Automation Technology?

Science fiction has promised us smart homes for years, and they’ve finally arrived with home automation services. Through automation, homeowners can control door locks, toggle lights, manage home temperatures and much more. More importantly, home automation takes home security to another level with the ability to arm your system and monitor home video surveillance cameras from your smartphone. A pre-wired home makes home automation much easier to deploy and connect throughout your home, so it’s vital to ask your homebuilder and discuss options with your security company.

Can I Meet Your Home Security Partner?

Meeting your contractor’s security partner early in the process offers a number of benefits. Just like your contractor is responsible for crafting a custom home solution, Scott Alarm can build a security solution that fits the specific needs of your home and family. Too often, builders wait until construction is complete to introduce homeowners to their security process, while meeting a home technology partner like Scott Alarm can deliver big results for your home. Your local technician can create a comprehensive home security plan and help you build your dream home theater and home automation setup, suited perfectly to your home.

Security From the Ground Up

New home construction provides a unique opportunity to lay a foundation of security in your new home. Working with your builder to consider home security and entertainment will pay long-term dividends for you and your family.

If you’d like more information on a Scott Alarm custom home alarm or home automation package in your home, please contact us today to learn more.