Home Security For Parents with Summer Latchkey Kids

With summer break right around the corner, it’s important for families to consider how their security needs will be impacted by changes in children’s schedules. Once school lets out in early June, parents often have many new things to worry about: your kid’s whereabouts during the day, their safety within the home and avoiding false alarms throughout the summer.

Well, there’s good news: kids and home security systems can easily coexist. As summer break approaches, here are a few important ways parents can ensure their latchkey kids are prepared to stay safe during their months away from school.

Make a Plan

Home security and family safety are team efforts, often including our friends and neighbors. While it’s always important for families to have a comprehensive household security and fire plan, summertime requires coordination and planning of schedules, activities and safety. Along with each week’s schedule, set ground rules for inviting friends over or leaving the house. While most kids have a cell phone these days, it should be programmed with emergency contacts in the neighborhood to ensure quick response to any problems.

Emergencies are unlikely to arise just because your kids are suddenly spending more time alone at home, but parents should review safety plans with their children before summer break starts. Your latchkey kid should know how to safely respond to any emergency that may arise when their on their own.

Review Home Security

Safe responses start with an understanding of your home safety. While a home security system lays the groundwork for safety, your kids will need to consider how their daily activities impact home security. Before giving them run of the house for the summer, here are a few important safety rules to review with your latchkey kid:

  • Summer weather in Jacksonville may be nice, but opening a window or door is a vulnerability in your security system. Even if your child remembers to close an entry point when they come inside, unlocked doors and windows create inviting opportunities for would-be burglars. Review your home’s entry points and the location of security sensors to ensure your child understands how they impact security.
  • New technologies, like smartphone apps, have made security systems easier to manage than ever, but they may confuse kids who aren’t familiar with them. In addition to security codes and sensors, latchkey kids should understand the basic Away and Stay modes of your system. Stay mode provides kids freedom to move around the house without losing the safety of the perimeter sensors and alarms.
  • Both parents and children should know how and where to contact each other. When your child leaves for a friend’s house or camp activity during the day, make sure they know to alert you when they leave and once they arrive back home. Kids often don’t understand  how much parents worry, so building strong communication habits early in the summer can make the break much less stressful for the entire family.

Smart Peace of Mind

Smartphone apps can help monitor your security system, but we know that’s often not enough for parents. Our local technicians and monitoring professionals know the stress of allowing your kids to remain home alone – it’s why Scott Alarm equips our customers with the latest in security technology, including home automation services.

Automation gives parents full control of the home, even while working or traveling. Parents can arm and disarm the alarm system, control door locks and even keep tabs on the house remotely via home video cameras. While most parents trust their kids to behave appropriately, home automation can help ease your mind throughout the day.

Summer should be about relaxing with family, and Scott Alarm’s local technicians can help take the worry out of home security. Contact us today for a free family security consultation.