Do You Need a Home Phone Line for a Security System?


Very few people in this country still have landline home telephones. The popularity and availability of cell phones has virtually eliminated them from American households. While some of us may look back fondly on the corded kitchen phones of our youth, the positive impacts far outweigh the loss, including the benefits for home security service.

Not long ago, all monitored home security systems required a landline phone to connect the customer’s home to the alarm company’s monitoring center. That came with a couple of major drawbacks. First of all, experienced crooks often sought out and severed the phone line’s connection to the house, disabling the alarm’s monitoring service. Second, families had to continue paying a landline phone bill of $15-30 per month in addition to their home security monitoring service.

Today, wireless monitoring eliminates these disadvantages by connecting your alarm service to the monitoring center via a dedicated cellular signal known as a cellular uplink. These wireless home security systems communicate with the home security company’s monitoring center via cell towers, just like your cellular phone, and any disruption in the uplink will alert our monitoring center. So, there’s no longer a need for a vulnerable and costly home phone line.

At Scott Alarm in Jacksonville, we feature GE’s Simon XT wireless home security control panel. It’s one of the industry’s most popular keypads thanks to proven reliability, user-friendly interface and convenient features. It’s also incredibly flexible, with the ability to wirelessly connect up to 40 break-in, motion, fire, smoke and/or carbon monoxide sensors at the same time. That means whole home protection in one simple package.

Smartphone integration, home automation and two-way voice communication make Simon XT even more convenient for families. Add to that the ability to set up timers, program multiple passcodes and record event history, and it’s no wonder Simon XT is the wireless control panel of choice for thousands of households.

So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to cut the cord on your landline phone service and go wireless. Scott Alarm has the perfect wireless alarm system for your family’s security needs.

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