Do Gated Communities Have Less Crime?


Many residents of gated communities cite worries about security and crime as one of the top reasons for their choice of residence. And, on the surface, living in a gated community may appear safer. You need a code, a key or have to check in with a gate attendant to enter the neighborhood.

But does this really deter crime? According to recent crime data, burglaries are more frequent in open communities, but gated communities aren’t far behind. So, why is there a continued perception of gated communities as significantly safer places to live than open communities? And why may gated communities be at risk for crime?

A Gated Community is Not a Fortress

Residents may see gated communities as fortress – preventing crime by living safely behind their protection. Gated communities are not fortresses. The gate at the entrance of a gated community isn’t necessarily the problem, it is the false sense of security it provides. While police agree gates do decrease the amount of “crimes of opportunity,” they also make homeowners more complacent. The gate should not be your only form of security. Keep house doors and cars locked at all times. Installing a professionally monitored home security system adds a critical layer of protection.

Not all Gates are Created Equal

Some gated communities are more secure than others. A security guard may man the gate 24/7 for some neighborhoods. At others, gates may remain open for an extended period after someone enters, allowing ample time for a crook to sneak in behind. Gates may fail and have to remain open until fixed. So, whatever the level of security the community entrance may have, you can’t rely solely on the gate to keep your home protected.

All Who May Enter

Many gates use an entry code for access and residents may give out their code to friends and family as well as contractors, and delivery services. When you consider the number of residents in a gated community and how many people they have granted access to, the sheer volume of people entering the community grows, allowing more opportunities for would-be criminals to enter. Even if you have a gate designed to keep the crooks outside the walls, you never know if a criminal lives in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors and use a security system as your most reliable line of defense.

On average, burglaries cost homeowners more than S2,000 in losses, so don’t trust your home’s security to a gate alone. For a free security consultation, contact Scott Alarm today.