Do Crime Statistics Tell the Whole Story?


Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or across the country, there will be a lot to learn about your new home – the best nightlife, local restaurants, places to shop and schools for your children. It’s a good idea to also spend some time looking into the local  crime rate. Depending on the neighborhood in Jacksonville, you may find the statistics reassuring or worrisome. However, crime statistics don’t always paint the whole picture. Here are some factors that may affect crime statistics and how you decipher them.

Factors affecting crime statistics:

Inaccurate Crime Reports

To err is human, and human error can affect the accuracy of crime rates. If there are mistakes in original crime reports or an administrator enters data incorrectly, crime statistics will be skewed. When researching Jacksonville crime statistics, make sure to check several sources to reduce the chances you see a report influenced by human error.

Proximity to Crime Reporting Locations

If your new home is close to a hospital, school or police station, the crime rate may seem higher on paper because more people report crimes at these locations. For instance, locations close to police stations have a greater presence of police officers. A higher number of police officers means more crimes detected and more arrests made, thereby giving the appearance of more crime than in surrounding neighborhoods.

Another aspect to consider is the per capita crime rate. The per capita crime rate reflects the number of crimes committed as a ratio to the number of people who live in a location. Some neighborhoods, however, experience an influx of people during the day, and, by result, seem to have a higher per capita crime rate.

Crimes Left Unreported

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, each year 3.4 million violent crimes – more than half of violent crimes in America – go unreported. In order to be included in the statistics, a crime must be reported. so some neighborhoods, in actuality, may have much higher crime rates than the statistics show.

No matter what crime data says about your neighborhood, there is no guarantee that your family will not encounter crime at some point. Installing a monitored home security system helps keep your family secure in any neighborhood.

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