Do Burglars Avoid Homes with Security Systems?


In a word, yes. How do we know? We’ve seen it firsthand – and research backs it up. Multiple studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of home security systems for deterring burglars, and they consistently report burglars go to great lengths to avoid homes with alarm systems.

The Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice produced one such study. Its researchers reviewed years of neighborhood crime statistics and found break-ins consistently dropped off in areas where security system installations increased. To quote their findings, “neighborhoods in which burglar alarms were densely installed have fewer incidents of residential burglaries than neighborhoods with fewer burglar alarms.”

Good stuff. But that’s certainly not the only evidence.

Another study, this one conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, interviewed 400 convicted burglars to get their take. 83% said they avoided homes with security systems. Even a simple “protected by” yard sign from a reputable security company was often enough for them to move along and select an easier target. Just 13% said they would proceed with a break-in attempt after discovering a home had a security system.

Researchers also found home video surveillance plays a big role in keeping criminals at bay. 60% of burglars surveyed stated the presence of video cameras was a major consideration when selecting a target.

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We could go on quoting studies all day, but by now you get the point. A monitored home alarm system is the most effective way to keep your home and family from being victimized by burglars.

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