Common Ways Burglars Get Inside a Home


Household burglaries are never as elaborate as Oceans 11 and rarely committed by criminal masterminds. Homes generally have a handful of vulnerabilities burglars attack to get inside. In fact, breaking into most homes is much easier than you think, especially for a pro.

Here’s how it’s usually done…

Right Through the Front Door

Even if you keep your front door locked, a determined burglar can quickly force or finesse his way in. Kicking in a door is just a matter of putting the right amount of energy in the right spot, and it can be done in seconds. Many people make it even easier for crooks by stashing a key somewhere near the door. Worse, some people don’t lock the front door at all. Approximately 32% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door.

Windows of Opportunity

Glass is fragile. Breaking untreated windows often requires little more than a tap, and your neighbors are unlikely to respond to a single crack of glass. In moments, a burglar has his arm inside to flip latches and slide the window open. Many homeowners don’t even have window locks, making the operation that much easier. In some cases, burglars don’t even need to break the glass, they just lift the window up and inside they go. Most household burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and no burglar will pass up an unlocked door or window.

An Easy Climb

People are often more complacent with upstairs entry points than those at ground level, leaving second-floor windows unlocked. Trees close to the home, outdoor furniture and even ladders left in the yard make perfect tools to scale the side of the home and test these entry points.

Different Door, Same Result

Side and back doors are favorite entrances for criminals, since they are often shielded from view of neighbors and passing traffic. Just like the front door, it doesn’t take much for an experienced burglar to take advantage of a door without substantial and multiple locks.

So, How Do You Prevent a Burglary?

Researchers at University of North Carolina at Charlotte interviewed convicted burglars to learn what would prevent them from breaking into a home. 83% reported trying to determine if a home had an alarm system before deciding to break in. If so, they were likely to find an easier target.

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