A Baby-Safe Home: Preparing Your House for a Newborn


No matter how many parenting books you read or diapers you stockpile, you can never completely prepare for the moment your child comes into the world. You can, however, prepare your home by making it a safe and secure place for your bundle of joy. Here are a few tips to make your home baby-safe:

Start Babyproofing Early

You don’t want to wait until your baby is crawling before you get around to babyproofing. Get on your child’s level by taking a “crawling tour” of your home to find potential hazards you may have overlooked. Get some babyproofing essentials like electrical outlet covers and cabinet locks installed before your baby is on the move. Make sure any unstable furniture is anchored to the wall. Even if you think your furniture seems stable, play it safe. You don’t want to risk it falling on your child.

Update Your Family Fire Safety Plan

If you haven’t already, create a family fire safety plan and check your smoke detectors before the baby comes home from the hospital. 24/7 smoke and fire detection monitoring adds more security for your family. Since the majority of fire emergencies occur while families are asleep or incapacitated by smoke, knowing someone can alert first responders for you in the event of a fire lets you rest easy knowing help is on the way, even when you can’t make the call.

Secure Your Home

A home security system helps protect the entire family, including baby. In addition to door and window sensors to keep out unwanted visitors, place motion sensors in your baby’s nursery. Also consider equipping your house with home automation features. Home automation lets you arm or disarm your security system remotely right from your smartphone, allowing you to make sure your home is secure even when someone other than you is there taking care of the baby. Home automation also gives you access to a live feed of your home video surveillance to check in on your newborn and her caregiver even when you’re at work.

You may never feel totally prepared to become a parent, but you can take steps to securely prepare your home for a baby. Selecting a home security partner like Scott Alarm gives you added peace of mind, knowing you have trusted experts looking our for your family’s safety.

If you want to prepare your home for a newborn by installing a home security system or home automation, contact Scott Alarm today to schedule a free consultation.