6 Ways to Improve Halloween Home Security


Many kids and grownups alike look forward to Halloween all year. It’s fun to dress up for the night and go door-to-door, or to stay home and welcome adorable trick-or-treaters. Still, this late-October tradition can be a dangerous time. Residential burglaries are increasingly common on Halloween, as crooks take advantage of the ability to wear masks and creep around neighborhoods unnoticed.

Follow these tips to help protect your home, property and family on this eeriest of eves.

1. Take a Peek

Halloween is one of the few nights we actually expect knocks at the door, but that expectation can lead to dropping your guard. You should still take steps to ensure you know who’s on your porch before swinging the door open. Your door’s peephole is a good place to start. Better still is a feed from a home security camera.

2. Lock it Up

There’s never a good reason to leave your home’s doors and windows unlocked, especially on Halloween. Locks are your first line of defense against break-ins and home invasions. Be sure to also have your home security system armed and active, in case someone does force his way in.

3. Light up the Night

Darkness is a burglar’s best friend, which makes light your best ally. Use motion-detecting lights to prevent criminals from creeping around in the shadows near your home on Halloween. It’s a smart home security move to install motion-activated lights on your front porch and near any entryways to your home.

4. Secure the Gate

Burglars love an unlocked fence gate. It allows them to easily get into your backyard. From there, they can take their time making entry into your home without being noticed by neighbors. Adding (and using) a simple lock on your gate latch is the first step to protecting your backyard from burglars, and making your home a less attractive target.

5. Flip the Switch

Most burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in if they believe someone is home. So, if you’ll be out of the house on Halloween, it’s important to at least give the impression someone is actually there. Putting interior lights on a timer, or controlling them via home automation, gives the illusion of an active household.

6. Stash Your Ride

Cars are attractive targets for vandals and thieves alike on Halloween. It’s worth the effort to clear some space in the garage in order to fit your vehicles inside for the night. For most homeowners, cars are the second most expensive things we own; so don’t leave them outside where they are likely to be damaged. Taking a few additional steps will help ensure your garage is also secure.

We wish you and your family a wonderful – and safe – Halloween. To keep your home secure throughout the year, contact Scott Alarm for a free consultation.