5 Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglars


Burglaries occur every nine seconds in the U.S. The good news is, crooks generally look for homes that are easy prey. Following these few simple tips can make your home more trouble than it’s worth.

1. Make Smart Landscaping Choices

Overgrown plants play make your home attractive to burglars. The space between tall shrubs and windows provides an ideal space for thieves to hide out while they work their way inside. Keep your bushes trimmed, ideally to no more than two feet off the ground. For plants around and in front of windows, consider thorny hedges to keep burglars at bay.

2. Add Security Cameras

Visible exterior security cameras are among the most effective ways to scare off would-be criminals. The last thing they want is to be caught on camera. It’s important that you install cameras out of easy reach so crooks can’t easily disable them. You may also want to cover them in a protective mesh to prevent burglars from attempting to damage them with rocks or anything else they may throw.

3. Keep Your System Armed at All Times

If you have a monitored home security system (and you should), be sure it’s armed even when you’re home. People often think they’re safe within the walls of their house, but violent criminals regularly force entry during home invasions. These are among the most dangerous crimes. Make it a habit to place your system on “stay” mode anytime you’re home. Then, if a crook breaks in, the siren will sound and authorities will immediately be dispatched to your location.

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4. Check Your Entry Points

Want to make a burglar’s day? Leave a door or window unlocked. Most of us are pretty good about locking the front door when we leave the house, but how often do you check side doors or upstairs windows? You probably assume they’re locked because you rarely use them, but that doesn’t mean someone else in the house hasn’t. Take a few minutes each time you leave the house or head to bed to ensure every entry point is locked up tight.

5. Secure the Backyard

For many families, the backyard is an oasis, a private place where you enjoy time together. For burglars, it’s a quiet, hard-to-observe spot to take advantage of your sense of security. Your grill, porch TV and lawn equipment are perfect items to pawn or sell on Craigslist. Install a self-locking latch on your privacy fence to prevent them from easily getting into the backyard and motion-detecting lights to highlight their actions at night.

If you’re interested in better securing your property, contact Scott Alarm in Jacksonville. We’ll create a custom home security solution to fit your needs and lifestyle and protect your home and family.