5 Home Security Mistakes Most People Make


Protecting our homes and families is our number one job, yet too often people make silly, or forgetful mistakes that put those things at risk. Effective home security requires attention to detail, and sometimes, sacrificing convenience for security. Here are a few common slip-ups that could lead to burglars stealing your property – and peace of mind.

Hiding a Spare Key Outside

Whether it’s tucked under the doormat, stashed in a fake rock or taped to the top of the doorframe, you should never hide a spare house key outside. Burglars know all the tricks, and will gladly spend a couple minutes searching for a spare key to make entry easier.

Not Arming Your Security System

You made the smart move and invested in a home security system. Then, you leave it unarmed? Bad decision. Always arm your alarm system when you leave the house, even if you’ll be gone just a few minutes. If often takes a burglar less than one minute to gain entry to a home. Arming your security system means they’ll get a nasty surprise when a blaring siren greets them.

Insufficient Lighting

Criminals thrive in the dark. Motion-detecting outdoor lights can be an inexpensive way of scaring off most would-be burglars. Position them all around your home, especially near doors and windows. If you’re away from the house for an extended period, use interior light timers to create the illusion of someone being home to turn lights off and on. A home automation system can make this even more effective, allowing you to remotely control your home’s lighting.

Relying on the Dog

Dogs are fantastic companions and wonderful family members, but relying on them for home security may be too much to ask. CBS 46 in Atlanta put five dogs to the test, staging break-ins at their homes to see how they would react. They all failed the test, from the Spaniel to the Rottweiler. In some instances, they even did tricks to impress the unknown intruder.

Forgetting to Lock Doors and Windows

It may seem obvious, but failing to lock every door and window is the most common of all home security breakdowns. In fact, 32% of burglars make their way into a home through an unlocked door. Too often people assume doors and windows are locked without taking a couple minutes to make sure each time before leaving the house, or before they head to bed each night. Don’t assume no one has touched them, especially in a house full of kids.

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